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RedFerns Tech provides a wide range of CRM solutions to any business challenges you face

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With RedFerns Tech you can always stay ahead of the competition, including your business staying ahead of the latest developments in the industry.


With years of industry experience and hundreds of experienced SMEs around the world working to provide the best solutions for your business, you'll find the right partner.

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We don't just believe in solutions, we believe in providing a service that integrates 24/7 continuous support with your business for zero downtime.

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We transform the way you interact with your customers

Through our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we provide businesses with a range of tools and strategies. We understand customer engagement is crucial for success, so we have developed innovative solutions to enhance this interaction. Together we will create memorable experiences that foster loyalty, drive growth and set you apart in a competitive marketplace.

Salesforce solutions

Data Sciences & Analytics

Maintenance & Support

Machine Learning


We Offer Professional CRM Solution

Salesforce Lightning Services

RedFerns Tech create interactive community spaces and service portals that enhance engagement and where users need to access knowledge-based. FAQs, and other resources will be provided in the service portals to resolve customer issues.

Salesforce App Development

At RedFerns Tech we create applications that address your business needs whether it's for a sales app, services app, or customer solution. We can also automate processes that result in increased productivity, reduced manual data entry, customer interaction and empower your organization to provide more personalized and responsive customer experience.

Salesforce Admin and Support

Salesforce admin and support are critical components of managing and maintaining a successful Salesforce implementation. RedFerns Tech provides a seamless operation within the Salesforce ecosystem to provide user satisfaction.

We Transform The Way You
Interact With Your Customers

We believe every customer interaction is an opportunity to create meaningful connections, provide exceptional services and drive success. With our innovative solutions and cutting edge technology, we are reshaping the customer experience landscape. Join us in this transformative journey and let's elevate the way to engage with customers to new heights of excellence.

Redferns Tech Services

Banking Industry

RedFerns Tech provides the banking industry with CRM solutions that are Secure, Industry-compliant, and outsourced.

Redferns Tech Services

Gaming Industry

RedFerns Tech provides the gaming industry with CRM solutions and support. Gaming companies need to interact with the customers and manage CRM, which often needs to be spoken.

Redferns Tech Services

Medical Industry

RedFerns Tech provides the medical industry with customer and CRM solutions. Medical industry solution requires customized Salesforces and mission-critical levels of support.

Salesforce consulting for Retail Industry

Retail Industry

RedFerns Tech provides Salesforce solutions for the retail industry. We provide bespoke CRM solutions that can be integrated with your existing systems and we can also provide solution that supports a large number of first and second-line users.

Salesforce consulting for cloud industry

Cloud Industry

RedFerns Tech provides solutions to the cloud industry that help streamline operations, enhance security to provide faster innovation and a competitive edge.

Salesforce consulting for aviation industry

Aviation Industry

RedFerns Tech provides solutions to the Aviation industry that focus around safety and sustainability. We are committed to technological innovation, safety efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Checkout Latest Trends & Updates

At RedFerns Tech, we're not just embracing the future; we're creating it. Join us on this exciting journey of innovation and technology as we continue to set new standards and pave the way for the future. Stay tuned for regular updates, trends and more.

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The leadership of RedFerns Tech is a mix of creative, visionary, and strategic minds who are here to understand the needs of the clients. We embrace a collaborative spirit, working together to solve complex challenges and drive innovation that gives lasting impact.


When it comes to Salesforce technology and business innovation, we are the best at providing a wide range of Salesforce consulting for any business challenges you face.

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