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Einstein GPT Part 2

AI Cloud has a lot of features related to AI in Salesforce, but today we’ll talk about one of the new ones, Einstein GPT. Einstein GPT is similar to other GPTs on the market, such as Chat GPT, Google Bard, and so on, however, unlike these GPTs, Einstein GPT is only available within Salesforce.

Einstein GPT 2

The functionality in Einstein GPT 2 is grouped into five categories: Sales GPT, Service GPT, Commerce GPT, Marketing GPT, Slack GPT, and Tableau GPT. So, in this blog, we are going to provide you a general overview of Commerce GPT, Marketing GPT, Slack GPT, and Tableau GPT

1. Commerce GPT: Businesses can sell smarter and save time by automatically tailoring and innovating every aspect of the customer experience with commerce GPT. It creates products personalized to individual buyers based on consumer data, while also providing GPT-guided suggestions to help businesses reach their e-commerce goals.

  • Commerce concierge: This feature allows customers chat with the AI and have it suggest your products depending on the conversions that occur in the discussion; for example, if a customer provides a photograph of a product, the AI will respond in the following manner: – Hi Sam This product in the image belongs to this brand, and we have a similar product in our store as well. Would you want to add it to your cart?
  • Generative product description: As the name suggests this feature can automatically write a product descriptions for your products and save your time and efforts
  • Smart promotion management: This function enables us to determine what type of offers to create, which mode to send offers through, when to create offers, and to which set of customers to send this offer et.c.
  • Einstein product recommendation: This function recommends products to customers based on their previous searches, their areas of interest, and their color preferences et.c.
  • Einstein commerce insights: This will help us in identifying a pattern that will help us get more business. For example, if a product is added to the favorite list 30 times per day but is only purchased three times, Einstein commerce insights will highlight this issue, and if it is fixed, your company’s ROI will instantly increase.


2. Marketing GPT: Marketing GPT enables marketing teams to use trustworthy generative AI to boost efficiency and deliver unprecedented personalisation on a vast scale by leveraging first-party data in the data cloud. It enables businesses to engage with clients through tailored interactions at every touchpoint by incorporating AI into the marketing cloud toolkit.

  • Segment creation: This helps us by grouping the products into different segments which helps in promoting a product to particular set of customers or can be used in campaigns
  • Content creation and selection: This function will generate email content and provide you ideas for creating an engaging email, such as what font and font size to use and where to place the product etc. which have a potential for conversion.
  • AI powered and data integration: Helps us to map the data from any data source to the data model present in your org. So we don’t need to identify that this L_name field from the data source needs to be mapped with the Last Name in your org.
  • Automated planning and pacing: This will help us identify how we are utilizing media storage and will suggest the appropriate media plan based on your usage.
  • Journey optimization: This enables us to make strategic decisions based on data, such as what style of communication should be used and when an email should be sent based on the type of customer.


3. Slack GPT: Slack GPT provides intelligence across automations, shared knowledge, and slack conversations.

  • Summarize conversations and huddles: This Just summarizes all the unread conversations or huddle calls in a particular channel and gives you the abstract of it.
  • Communicate more effectively: The content of the message that you will send in slack can be distilled, and the tone can also be adjusted.
  • Customer insights: It uses Salesforce 360 data and the data cloud to find trends and patterns in consumer behavior in order to boost sales and customer loyalty. For example, A customer is facing the same issues for a long time and he is raising a case continuously. So in this scenario the customer insights can highlight this to you and if possible you can replace the product and increase the loyalty of your customers


4. Tableau GPT: Tableau drives better business outcomes and intelligent customer experience with insights everywhere for everyone. Tableau GPT functions as an assistant, using advanced generative AI capabilities to make data analysis easier and accessible to wider audiences.

  • Natural language Queries: Users can ask tableau GPT questions in natural language, and it will respond with insights and visualizations.
  • Automated Analytics: An overview of metrics that needs your instant attentions will be displayed at the top of the page
  • Secure and Compliant: Tableau GPT is built to be secure and consistent with industry standards. This means that businesses can be confident that their data is secure and that they are in compliance.

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