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Einstein GPT Part 1

AI Cloud has a lot of features related to AI in Salesforce, but today we’ll talk about one of the new ones, Einstein GPT. Einstein GPT is similar to other GPTs on the market, such as Chat GPT, Google Bard, and so on, however unlike these GPTs, Einstein GPT is only available within Salesforce.

Einstein GPT Part 1

The functionality in Einstein GPT is grouped into five categories: Sales GPT, Service GPT, Commerce GPT, Marketing GPT, Slack GPT, and Tableau GPT. So, in this blog, we are going to provide you a general overview of Sales GPT and Service GPT.

Sales GPT – Sales GPT provides trustworthy AI so that businesses may unlock growth. Sellers can alter how they operate with generative AI and all data on a single platform to sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Sales GPT provides us with the features like Sales assistant, Einstein relationship insight, Conversation insight, Predictive insight, Sales emails.

  • Sales Assistant – It simply provides insights about a specific account (Clients) by analysing data from Salesforce and external websites and preparing you to meet with that account’s clients so that you can use them during your conversation with them and these insights can also be stored within the respective account inside Salesforce itself.
  • Einstein relationship insight – This feature allows you to determine whether a Lead or Opportunity that you are presently processing has any relationship with any of your Accounts (customers) or contacts by retrieving data from both within your Salesforce organisation and from external websites and notifies you. so that this account or contact can serve as a referral for your company and assist you in closing the deal
  • Conversion insights: The Salesforce will record the call we had with the clients and not only build a transcript for it, but it will also provide us with the abstract and key points from that call, which can be saved in the Salesforce record itself.
    If the customer mentions a competitor during the call, the AI will automatically highlight these points in the abstract. And we can acquire this abstract without even entering the actual call that happened between your Sales rep and the customer. This capability may also be utilised for calls made outside of Salesforce, such as Zoom calls and Google meets, and so on.
  • Predictive forecasting: It’s essentially an AI-driven forecast. It forecasts your organisation’s data, which may be analysed in multiple patterns and provide insights, allowing you to close deals faster or stop doing sales in unproductive methods.
    For instance: Sales GPT can notify you if the current month’s converted leads are 25% lower than the previous month’s.
  • Sales emails: It generates personalised emails automatically by using insights from Salesforce data and external data to produce email content such as an introduction to you for the clients, requesting a meeting with them, and so on.


Service GPT: Service GPT utilises real-time data from the data cloud together with trusted AI capabilities to assist service teams in spending less time on task management and more time on establishing customer loyalty at scale.

Service GPT provides us with the features like Service replies, Work summaries, Knowledge article, Mobile work briefing and Case classifications.

  • Service replies – Service replies provide a ready-made response for clients by going through the chat thread. This response will not be delivered automatically unless the sales representative finds it relevant. As a result, the end user has control over the chat responses.
  • Work summaries – The Work Summaries provide an abstract of the entire case, such as the case response, replies, and to whom the case was initially assigned, to whom the case was transferred, and to whom the case was escalated, and provide an abstract of the complete Journey of the case.
  • Knowledge article: Auto-generates and updates/creates your knowledge article based on real-time data obtained from the successful case closure conversation. So that if a similar type of scenario arises again, you can simply share this article with the customer, and the case will be closed without the need for a conversation from the sales rep.
  • Mobile work briefings: It assists field service teams in getting ready for appointments by summarising essential information prior to arrival, allowing them to perform more efficiently.
  • Case Classification: It is basically AI driven case routing. The new case will be automatically assigned to the team or an individual user based on their earlier performance on similar cases.


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