Salesforce Admin and Support

Salesforce admin and support are critical components of managing and maintaining a successful Salesforce implementation.

Salesforce administration are responsible for configuring , customising and maintaining the salesforce platform to meet and organisation specific requirements. They are system experts who ensure that Salesforces is configured correctly, operates smoothly and aligns with the business processes.

Key Responsibilities


User & Data Management– It creates, modifies and deletes user accounts, assigns profiles and manage permissions and ensures proper actress control. Whereas data management imports , exports and maintains data, including data cleaning and deduplication as well as establishing data security.

Customization & Workflow automation– Customization configures objects fields, page layouts to match business processes. Workflows creates and manages approval processes and validates rules to automate tasks.

Reports & Dashboards and Integration– It designs and generates reports and dashboards to provide insight into data whereas Integration configures and maintains integration with other systems.

Salesforce support plays a crucial role in providing assistance to Salesforce users, ensuring that they can effectively use the system and resolve issues promptly. It also knows Salesforce Support Analysts or specialists.

Key Responsibilities


User support– It responds to user inquiries and provides guidances on creating custom reports and dashboards to extract meaningful insight, troubleshoot issues with reports, dashboards, escalate complex issues, helps users with data entry, data migration and data export task as well offer recommendation for streamlining user processes and workflows.

Issue Resolution– It diagnoses and resolves technical issues including data discrepancies or system errors. It also troubleshoots issues with reports, dashboards and escalates complex issues to Salesforce administrators or technical support as needed.

Both roles are vital to the effective utilisation of Salesforce within an organisation. Together they ensure that Salesforce remains a valuable tool for improving customer relationships, streamlining business processes and driving organisational success. RedFerns Tech will provide the backbone to your organisation needs to optimise and thrive within the Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring seamless operation and user satisfaction.

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