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Salesforce app development is the process of creating customer applications or extensions within the Salesforce platform to meet the business needs. It allows businesses to customise their CRM platforms to match their unique processes , workflows and industry specific needs. This level of customization ensures that Salesforce aligns perfectly with an organisation’s requirements. It also improves the user interfaces and makes it more user friendly and efficient which in turn boosts user adoption and productivity.

It automates the processes like a custom app which reduces manual tasks, streamlining operations & boosts efficiency as well enables organisations to integrate with third-party applications and external data sources. Salesforce app development encourages innovation by providing the tools to create cutting edge applications that drive business growth and keep organisations competitive.

Key Components:-


Low code development– Low code development tools such as Salesforce lighting allows users to build apps with minimal coding. These tools often involve visual, drag-and -drop interfaces making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Programmatic Development– For more complex and highly customization application organisations can use programmatic development languages like Apex and Visualforce.

Data Analytics:- It creates applications that extract valuable insights from the data stored in the CRM and generate meaningful reports and dashboards.

Salesforce App development is not just a feature but a strategic advantage that enables organisations to stay agile & efficient to changing business needs.
At RedFerns Tech we create applications that address your business needs whether it’s for a sales app, services app or customer solution and improves customer interaction. It also automates processes resulting in increased productivity and reduced manual data entry and empower organisation to provide more personalised and responsive customer experience.

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