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Salesforce Lightning is an innovative framework that enhances the Salesforce user experience. It offers a revamped and more interactive interface which helps to increase productivity, improves user engagements & improves customer relationships. It allows organizations to create custom apps and reduces the need for extensive coding and speeds up the development process. It is also a set of tools and best practices that help to create consistent and visually appealing user interfaces. This ensures that apps and components built with lightning look and feel like part of the same system and improves user experiences. Salesforce Lightning Services take the lightning framework to the next level by offering a suite of services designed by CRM. These services are pivotal in creating personalized and engaging customer experiences.

Some Key Services:


Lightning Flow:-Lightning flows is a powerful automation tool within the Salesforce platform that allows users to create, design and automate business processes and workflows with ease. RedFerns Tech enables organisations to streamline and automate various tasks and processes, improving efficiency and enhancing the user and customer experience.

Lightning Communities :- Lightning communities are a powerful way to connect and collaborate with customers, partners and employees. These communities are also integrated with Salesforce data which allows users to access customer data, cases, leads and other important information directly within the community. RedFerns Tech creates interactive community spaces that enhance engagement and self- service portals for customers where users can access knowledge articles , FAQs, and other resources to find answers to their questions and resolve the issues independently.

Salesforce Lightning services not only improves user productivity but also enhances user experience, flexibility and provide streamlined processes. RedFerns Tech empowers organisations to create personalised data driven, & visually appealing customer experiences.

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