salesforce Integration - machine learning

Salesforce Integration, Software Development, Admin & Support Services & Migration

Salesforce Integration: Our Salesforce Integration Solutions enhance customer engagements, improve the ability to attract, retain, and delight clients.
Salesforce App Development : RedFerns Tech offers innovative solutions to enhance Salesforce software development. Leveraging RedFerns' technology stack alongside Salesforce CRM capabilities opens up possibilities for seamless integration, advanced automation, and enhanced analytics.
Salesforce Admin & Support: RedFerns Tech offers comprehensive Salesforce admin and support services to streamline and optimize your CRM operations.
Salesforce Migration: RedFerns Tech offers Salesforce migration services to ensure a smooth and efficient transition while minimizing disruption to your business operations and maximizing the benefits of Salesforce for your business.
Some of the Key Services: Sales Cloud Implementation, Service Cloud Setup, Custom Application Development, Salesforce Integration, Salesforce Training and Support, Data Migration and Cleanup, Experience Cloud Development, Salesforce Analytics and Reporting & Salesforce CPQ.

salesforce Integration - Data science & Analytics

Data Science & Analytics

Our data scientists utilise data to extract valuable insights, enables to make informed decisions, predict trends and optimise operations. We also uncover hidden opportunities within your data, driving efficiency and ensuring you stay ahead in your industry.

Salesforce Integration - Machine learning

Machine Learning

At machine learning we bring a new level of intelligence to your operations, making processes efficient and delivering personalised experiences to the customers. At RedFerns Tech, machine learning is a strategic advantage that underpins commitments to innovation & excellences.

With this powerful combination, RedFerns Tech will empower you to achieve excellence, streamline your operations, and stay at the forefront of your industry. Join us on this transformative journey where technology,  data, and machine learning meet to redefine what’s possible.


We Offer Professional Services For Business

We help businesses, from startups to large corporations, get the most out of their Businesses. We
are skillful in all aspects of the below-listed services.

Salesforce Lightning Services

RedFerns Tech Leverages Salesforce integration to create interactive community spaces that enhance engagement and self- service portals for customers where users can access knowledge articles , FAQs, and other resources to find answers to their questions and resolve the issues independently.

Salesforce App Development

At RedFerns Tech we create applications that address your business needs whether it's for a sales app, services app or customer solution and improves customer interaction. It also automates processes resulting in increased productivity and reduced manual data entry and empower organisation to provide more personalised and responsive customer experience

Salesforce Admin and Support

Salesforce admin and support are critical components of managing and maintaining a successful Salesforce implementation.
RedFerns Tech will provide salesforce integration like the backbone to your organization needs to optimize and thrive within the Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring seamless operation and user satisfaction.

Salesforce Sites & Communities

RedFerns Tech offers a dynamic platform for building digital spaces, fostering collaboration, and enhancing customer experiences as well elevates organisation's online presence and interactions with our innovative solutions.

Zoho CRM

RedFerns Tech offers advanced services centered around Zoho CRM, one of the most powerful and flexible customer relationship management tools available.

Data Science

RedFerns Tech enables organisations to harness the power of data to drive innovation, efficiency and strategic decision making as well as enhancing the customer experiences resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Machine Learning

RedFerns Tech analyses customer data using machine learning, enabling personalised recommendations and tailored experiences which fosters stronger customer relationships and enhances user satisfaction

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